After many years of procrastinating, I finally got a domain and a proper blog. I initially debated whether to create one from scratch or use something with a CMS. I opted for the former and was halfway through when I thought to myself that I wanted to do more writing than hacking around with CSS and divs but at the same time still write some form of code so I went with Octopress.

Since early 2010 when I figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, there have been several failed attempts at operating a blog and I learned a lot along the way. Thanks to my good friend Greg Zaal for giving me the motivation to finally get this done with his blog.

There exists somewhere a folder with years of notes, art and specific workflows that I would like to share from the time I found out what SSH was to the time I wrote my own parser and rolled a mini language. This blog will hopefully serve as a personal collection of my thoughts and ocassional rants. I also hope to improve my writing skills and possibly attract an audience along the way. Let’s see what happens.