Bits and Pixels


I'm interested in the entire stack from device drivers to 3d graphics to modern web dev and primarily work as a full stack developer and secondarily as a technical artist

As such my work experience varies and I've tackled non-trivial production work on game engines, shaders, DCC scripts, scientific libraries, database utilities, mobile applications, device drivers and about any web front & backend stack you can name.


I've been fortunate to work alongside talented individuals at several companies over the years in various roles while solving unique problems.

Nowadays I work as an independent contractor and build, extend and maintain customs systems for clients while operating my own SaaS and in my own time I tinker with computer graphics and contribute to open source projects that I use and like.

Relevant Interests/Projects


  • Highly proficient: C, up to C++14, Java, PHP, Python, Scheme, TypeScript
  • Fairly good at: Unity, Godot, OpenGL, GLSL, (Dart) Flutter, Blender (I served for 7 years as a moderator on blender.stackexchange.com), SDL, libgdx, Qt and other frameworks etc...
  • Can get work done: Subset of (x86_64 asm), Lua, C#, VB, Go
  • Knowledgeable, but haven't used in any serious capacity: Unreal Engine, Rust
  • Stuff I working with: Laravel, Vue & TailwindCSS with InertiaJS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Qt, ZeroMQ, Docker, OpenGL, WebAssembly and recently gRPC.


    You can always reach me via email using

Articles I've Written

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